The Foundation

About our foundation

Foundation Chance for Kaj has set itself the goal to generate funds to cover costs arising from treatment of Kaj. Among others think of travel and subsistence expenses for Kaj and his parents. We intend to raise the funds by organizing various activities, recruiting sponsors and donors.

The mother of Kaj recently received the horrible news also to have cancer, breast cancer. As a result, the board decided to adapt the purpose of the foundation. This change has taken place beginning of June 2012. There is incorporated in the statutes that also costs arising from treatment of the mother of Kaj may be paid from the funds of the foundation.

In case the journey can´t continue or whether funds are left over, then that money will be donated to a pediatric cancer-related goal or foundation.*

The board members are:
- Martina Göbel-Dee, Chairman
- Jeroen Degenaar, Secretary
- Amer Gobardhan, Treasurer

Foundation Chance for Kaj
Heer Vrankestraat 19B
3036 LA Rotterdam

T: +31 (0) 620389868
KvK 54475031
Bankaccount: Rabobank 1704.94.659

International bank information:

Tax Pay 2011 and 2012, the tax exemptions for donating:
Exempt Recipient 2011 and 2012 gift tax amounts
Other recipients of grants 2,012 euro’s annually (below weblink is in Dutch)

The deed of establishment of the Foundation Chance for Kaj can be sent / viewed on request. The notarial deed on 19th of January 2012 was prepared by the notary office Barendse Haase Dordrecht.

* Parents in a similar kind of situation as the parents of Kaj who need financial resources for this process.

* Villa Joep: This foundation wants to banish childhood neuroblastoma from the world by increasing the survival of every child with this condition systematically. They want to realize this by (co-)funding targeted research in this area. They want to maximize impact with the funds entrusted to them.

* KIKA (Children Cancer Free) raises funds that benefit the seven pediatric cancer centers in the Netherlands: AMC Amsterdam, UMC Groningen Queen Beatrix Children's Hospital, Willem-Alexander Children and Youth Centre Leiden, UMC St. Radboud Children's Hospital Nijmegen, Erasmus MC - Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital.
To be precise: so these centers can develop and offer available therapies to allow better treatment and cure childhood cancers. Less pain and struggle, and more healing and quality. That is what KiKa requests your support for. Because children with cancer would like to get better rather yesterday than today.